Administration of Estates

The death of a friend or relative is an extremely difficult time and unfortunately there can be a large number of practical and administrative steps that must be taken. The quantity and complexity of these steps can often seem daunting or even overwhelming but timely professional advice can significantly ease the burden on those left behind.

When a person dies, somebody (normally the Executor) has to deal with their Estate (the money, property and possessions left) in accordance with the provisions of any Will (known as the Administration). Here at Merryweather Williams, we can provide as much or as little advice as you require, ensuring that all the necessary paperwork is completed and assisting with those little practical issues that you may not have thought of.

Everything is dealt with professionally and compassionately so that the process is as simple as possible. Ian Merryweather, our senior partner, is a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) and all of our solicitors adhere to STEP’s principles thus expert advice is assured.

We can assist you with:

  • The preparation of papers to obtain the Grant of Probate (the process whereby the Will is submitted to the Court to give the Executor the authority to deal with the Estate)
  • Administering the Estate
  • The valuation of any property and its transfer or sale as required
  • The valuation of the assets within the property and disposal if required
  • The transfer or cancellation (as applicable) of the deceased’s outgoings such as insurance, utility bills etc.
  • Financial matters; including the identification, transfer or liquidation of bank accounts and other financial investments such as PEPs, ISAs, Premium Bonds and Investment Stock
  • Pension providers and the Pension Service
  • The cancellation of memberships and subscriptions
  • The return of the deceased’s passport and driving licence
  • The placing of any statutory advertisements relating to the death
  • Any potential claims against the Estate

Next Steps

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