About Us

In an increasingly overcrowded and, at times, bewildering legal market, we feel that it is important to remember that a traditional high street firm such as ours should remain your first choice for any legal requirements. Not all providers of legal services are the same and indeed from a consumer’s perspective, you may find significant differences in the way in which legal services are provided.

As a long established family run firm we have the ability to offer a level of customer service and satisfaction that you may struggle to find elsewhere. After all, why else would our clients return to us time and again when requiring a solicitor?

We have set out below just some of the ways in which we continue to operate in order that our clients receive the level of attention and satisfaction that they have come to expect:

  • Each of our solicitors has a dedicated secretary who will have a working knowledge of your matter.
  • The maximum number of different people you are likely to speak to during your matter, staff holidays and illnesses aside, is four. One of our two receptionists, your solicitor, and their dedicated secretary.
  • We pride ourselves on having many long-serving members of staff. Certain elements of what we do cannot be taught but are learnt through experience. A number of solicitors have been with us for in excess of ten years and many of our secretaries in excess of twenty. As a result, many clients, even if they only require our services every ten or fifteen years, will see a familiar face or hear a familiar voice when returning to us.
  • A significant proportion of our new clients come to us by word of mouth, as many of our existing clients are happy to recommend us to friends, family members and colleagues.
  • Over the last 130 years we have built strong relationships with other businesses in the town, such as estate agents and financial advisers, who are happy to recommend us (and whom we are happy to recommend) on the basis of repeated confirmation from their clients of the quality of service we are able to provide. As a result we do not have need to pay ‘referral fees’ to any other firms or organisations to obtain clients, the cost of which doubtless eventually passes on to the client in the long term.