Older Clients

As one grows older there are an increasing number of complex issues which can cause concern. Practising in a retirement area such as Burnham-on-Sea and the surrounding towns and villages, we are frequently asked to provide advice to both older clients and their relatives on navigating the intricacies of post retirement affairs.

We are committed to providing and promoting comprehensive and independent legal advice for older people, their families and carers and our solicitors have between them a wealth of relevant experience. Our senior partner Ian Merryweather is a member of the national organisation Solicitors for the Elderly (SFE) and all of our solicitors adhere to this organisation’s values when advising on such matters. In order to become a member of SFE Ian has spent a substantial amount of his time working for older clients and has fulfilled the SFE’s stringent criteria for membership. All of our solicitors follow the SFE code of practice when dealing with our older clients.

SFE members and those with equivalent experience have the knowledge that allows them to ignore the myths relating to ageing and the competence of elderly people. At the same time they will take into account and empathise with any difficulties, both mental and physical, which may accompany the ageing process. They are able to determine more easily between mental and physical disabilities and are more aware of social and health problems that arise as people age. This wealth of experience will hopefully put you at ease when resolving your legal issues.

Specifically, we can advise you in relation to:

  • Estate planning using Wills, trusts and lifetime giving
  • Powers of attorney
  • Court of Protection and related procedures
  • Probate and the Administration of Estates
  • Trust administration
  • Tax Planning
  • Living Wills
  • The provision of home care
  • Preserving assets in the event of long-term residential or nursing care
  • Residential and nursing home contracts
  • Advice on financial responsibility and funding for long-term care, including continuing NHS health care
  • State retirement and widows’ pensions
  • Welfare benefits
  • Home equity release plans

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